Improvement sought

If unwilling to give anything away tactically, Ballack believes Turkey will present a different obstacle to that posed by Portugal in a quarter-final won 3-2. "This kind of game depends on details, so it would not be too clever to say too much," he went on. "We have some options. On the one side,

our system against Portugal worked very well, but on the other, Turkey are a very different team from the Portuguese. They will play more defensively – I expect a game in which we will at least have a lot more possession."
Having contested the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup two years ago on home soil, losing to Italy after extra time, Ballack is determined to go one better against rivals famed for their never-say-die attitude. "We got eliminated and were so close to the final – we want to improve on that," he said. "We learned back then that you have to play games until the referee blows the final whistle, and you always have to play fully concentrated. The Turkey team have proved in this tournament how important that is."

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