Fearless Turkey ready for Germany

Turkey coach Fatih Terim said there were "no miracles in football" as his depleted team prepared to take on Germany for the prize of a place in Sunday's UEFA EURO 2008™ final in Vienna.

The progress of Turkey to their first semi-final on the European stage has provided compelling drama, their three wins en route to Basel secured by increasingly improbable comebacks. With three-times champions Germany now barring their path on Wednesday, Terim reflected that Turkey's success so far had been the result of a committed team effort and nothing more. "As far as I know there are three results you can get: win, lose or draw. There is no result called a miracle in football. Einstein said there are two ways to live – one is to believe everything is a miracle and live your life that way, the second is to believe nothing is a miracle. I belong to the second group. We've worked hard to put together a team who work a lot and believe in themselves. Everyone enjoys watching us – we send a message about life as well as football."

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