What's been the best EURO game?

There has been an astonishing array of exciting football at these UEFA EURO 2008 finals in Switzerland and Austria. But FIFA.com now wants to know which game you think has been the best so far.

Spain's first-round win over Russia may be your cup of tea, or perhaps the late dramatics of La Furia Roja's David Villa against Sweden was the one for its sheer excitement value.

Whatever defines a classic contest for you, one of the games at this EURO must fit the criteria.

Before their elimination, the Dutch managed exhilarating defeats of both Italy and France, while the Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired Portuguese put in some dazzling displays before being sent packing by the Germans in what was itself one of the true classics of these finals. Maybe one of Turkey's last-gasp fightbacks or Russia's elegant, short-passing clinics is your top choice.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, FIFA.com wants to know what has been your favourite game and why. So, it's over to you. Have your say by clicking 'Add your comment', but please remember to keep your posts clean, respectful and in English.

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